PNUD Environmental Sustainability and Resilience Unit Monitoring Meeting

Rancho Arriba 15 June 2013

With the objective of following up on the projects implemented by the UNDP’s environmental sustainability and resilience unit, a meeting-workshop was held on June 15 in Rancho Arriba, San José de Ocoa, with the members of the different work teams.

In this space, experiences were socialized and exchanged among the participants, in addition to learning about the new programmatic lines and process modalities for a more agile and efficient management.

After the working day, a tour of one of the demonstration plots, owned by Don Atilano, beneficiary producer of the BPP project, was conducted. During the tour, he shared with the participants the sustainable production techniques acquired through his participation in the field schools and that he implements in his plot, such as: shade control, pruning and crop diversification. Afterwards, a visit was made to the Samir coffee farm where the participants had the opportunity to learn about the processing of coffee