The importance of updating the baseline of forest fires in the Dominican Republic

In a workshop held last Tuesday on March 28, 2023, the Update of the baseline of forest fires in the Dominican Republic was presented.

The workshop was coordinated by the Biodiversidad en Paisajes Productivos project and the presentation was in charge of Martin Rapily, who, among other information, explained how the areas of the country where forest fires have occurred were identified, where they occur most frequently, and the type of forests most prone to fire.

We have data on the trajectory of forest fires in a time series from 2000-2023 from satellite images.

A forecast was also made for the occurrence of fires that was delivered to the Ministry of the Environment (MMARN), together with a manual with the methodology used and technical training.

The event was attended by technicians from different areas of the Ministry of the Environment, such as the Vice Ministry of Forest Resources, the Directorate of Environmental Information, the Vice Ministry of Protected Areas and Biodiversity, and the National Environmental Protection Service SENPA.

The fire forecast can be updated every 16 days, with images available free of charge.