UNDP Monitoring Visit to Rancho Arriba

Progress towards implementation goals of the project

During the first week of May, a programmatic monitoring session was held for the project in the pilot zone of Rancho Arriba, San José de Ocoa, with the visit of Mrs. Clara Fernández, Monitoring Officer of the Environment and UNDP Sustainability. The goal of this monitoring was to know the progress and products achieved to date, according to the indicators of the project’s results framework.

Members of the project team accompanied Ms. Fernández on the tour, during which they visited the Sabana Larga and Rancho Arriba nurseries, where the production of forest plant species and coffee is managed for the establishment of sustainable agroforestry systems of the project, with the Ministry of the Environment and the NDOCAFE.

The demonstration plot of the Field School of the Mahoma community was also visited, in which the producer (Atilano) has implemented conservation practices and sustainable management of coffee production, such as shade control, pest management with natural methods and diversification of the crop adding musaceae (guineo) and fruit trees. In his plot, this producer has covered a new space (which previously had no plant cover) using the coffee plants donated by the project.

In addition, brief meetings were also held with the local commission for monitoring the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the Rancho Arriba City Council, created by the project, and with the Maimón Cooperative (COOPMAIMON), to promote access to credit for the target population of the project. During this visit, the progress of the project was learned, addressing different measures and work alternatives in the short and medium term, as well as the current challenges facing the project.