The Importance of Introducing the Landscape Approach Concept in the Dominican Educational Curriculum

To ensure that future generations grasp the concept of the landscape approach and promote environmental conservation work, the BPP project conducted a workshop on the Landscape Approach for 29 teachers from Educational Districts 18-01 and 18-04.

During this workshop, 18 educational kits were distributed to the following educational institutions in the municipalities of Neiba and La Descubierta, which are areas where the project has an impact: Prof. Juan Emilio Bosch Gaviño, Candelario Florián, Arzobispo Valera, John Abraham, Petronila Cuevas Vargas, Manuel De Jesús Galván, Ernestina González Méndez, San Bartolomé Apóstol Fe Y Alegría, Ernestina González, Santa María De Guadalupe Fe Y Alegría, Matías Ramon Mella, and Edis Brito. The purpose of this distribution was to provide tools that would allow for the transmission of this knowledge to students in these educational centers in a didactic, interactive, and engaging manner and to introduce the concept of the landscape approach into the school curriculum of the young student population in these municipalities.

Through the distribution of this educational tool, it is expected to achieve a cascading effect. It is crucial to integrate the landscape approach concept into communities from an early age to ensure that future adults, whether working in agriculture, entrepreneurship, or decision-making, have a comprehensive understanding of the elements that make up a territory and understand the dynamics required to make it sustainable.

During the distribution of the educational kits, teachers received a presentation from the BPP team on sustainable landscape approaches and the proper use of this tool for introducing and managing the subject.